About tn38 www Services

Who we are and what we do

With collective skills in Windows application development, database architecture, design and administration and a huge wealth of skill in internet technologies, search engines and the very latest in web development techinques such as XHTML and CSS2, we have turned a small contractor based outfit offering bespoke application services into a research and development organisation with contacts in many specific IT industries.

With this pool of knowledge, and our very own unique internal communications and knowledge base software, we have created a service which offers the very smallest of companies the search engine, marketing and accessibility advice only larger organisations can often afford.

Another aspect to our business is our overheads and how the effective use of the latest technology in the form of custom software and broadband technology enables us to communicate instantly from any location in the world. This means we can be onsite with a client and still tap into our knowledge base. With this flexibility we can offer huge savings to our clients.

Primarily, we deal with people. Although internet technology is our career, it's peoples understanding and interaction with technology that we focus on. When dealing with search engines, for example, it's people that search, it's people that search engines want to serve so that's the core of their technology. We take this approach when auditing websites for SEO purposes and making recommendations as it's proved successful time and again.

Please feel free to view our services section for more information about how we can maximise your online business.