Are the missing greeting cards coming in March? Hawthorne residents say postal mail is unreliable at all – CBS New York

HAWTHORNE, NJ (CBSNew York) – Some residents of Passaic County town say their mail delivery is unreliable, but issues go beyond mail confusion

The problems range from bad names, bad addresses, bad streets, now a waste of time and energy, reports CBS2’s Meg Baker.

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“I’m returning the mail because it’s someone else’s mail in my mail, and it’s not even the right street,” said Kathy Palmer, a resident of Hawthorne.

Palmer says it’s been a problem for weeks.

“There are days when we don’t get mail at all when I know we should be getting mail, because my husband owns a business,” she said. “When I open the mailbox and there’s nothing, where is it?” “

Ashley Malone says greeting cards are nice, but better if delivered on time.

“It’s days late, weeks late,” said Malone. “I even get mail and Christmas cards from other people in March and February.”

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The problem has become so serious that the mayor has created a task force to figure out what is going on.

He suspects the problem could be that the Postal Service is concerned with delivering Amazon boxes instead of focusing on regular mail.

Malone says getting the mail on time at her house on time is especially important at this time, as college acceptance letters are being dispatched.

“My daughter, she’s trying to get into Georgetown and Boston College,” Malone said. “I would love to know the mail will arrive when it’s supposed to.”

Others suspect the problem could be that the Diamond Bridge Avenue post office is understaffed. There were also complaints about long queues.

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The post office says customers should call the agency’s toll-free number at (800) 275-8777 to raise concerns.

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