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Hubballi: The Postal Service, which has gone high-tech by implementing digital technology, is receiving positive feedback. Over a thousand post offices have implemented technology to provide hassle-free service and attract more people to the postal service.
People in urban and rural areas now rely on the postal service for a variety of digital services. In one month, more than 47,000 people in Dharwad district opened accounts with the post office to take advantage of the digital service. It is now open to everyone and offers stiff competition to private companies.
There are 176 post offices in the district, of which 115 are in rural areas. All of these offices have gone digital. Online transactions, mobile banking, electronic bill payment, government plans, citizens’ pensions and other digital services are available at all of these post offices, which are welcomed by the public.
Senior Superintendent VSL Narashima Rao told TOI that all banking facilities are available in the postal service, including SB accounts, RD accounts with zero balance, NEFT, RTGS and all online digital services. Aadhaar Compatible Payment Systems (AEP) seek to increase financial participation by bringing transactions to customers’ doors through the postal service.
All post offices and postal workers make the most remote corners of the country accessible by allowing people to open bank accounts, transfer funds, deposit and withdraw money, top up or pay bills , buy life and general insurance and other services, he said.
The International Air Reservation Center has been set up at the headquarters of the Post Office and at Hubballi. By allowing people to send goods abroad, the center promotes international relations. Around 500 items, such as dresses, gifts and festival-related packages, have been sent overseas in the past two months.


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