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To Editor: Postmaster General DeJoy appears determined to destroy the United States postal system. The consequences of his efforts have already become evident in our region. We now feel lucky to receive our mail two or three times a week. What does this mean for delayed or never delivered invoices? An invoice from our plumber never arrived. It took a while for anyone to realize he hadn’t arrived, so the plumber ended up waiting a very long time to get paid.

I recently returned goods to the seller. I dropped it off at our local post office on June 15th. Having not received a refund after a month, I asked a salesperson’s customer service representative to look into the matter. I was told that the box I dropped off at our post office on June 15th did not leave the post office until July 19th. How much late fees will people accumulate for late payment of bills? What about people who fill their prescriptions by mail? How about voting by mail? The Bennington Postmaster told me to be patient, but being patient will not solve our problem.

Adding insult to injury, DeJoy is raising postal rates while doing his best to destroy our postal system by laying off workers, destroying sorting machines and mailboxes, generally delaying mail delivery. And thanks to a convoluted law, dismissing him is nearly impossible. America in Trump’s Day. Corrupt and dysfunctional.

Lodiza LePore

Bennington, July 28

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