Machines help postal services process letters faster before the holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, that also means the busy shipping season is upon us.

During the holiday season of 2020, the United States Postal Service recorded a record number. While they expect fewer packages for 2021, that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down, as Postal Service officials deploy new ways to ensure everyone’s cards and packages get where they need to be. to be.

Treatment centers are preparing

Even before Thanksgiving, the USPS West Valley fulfillment and distribution center is experiencing a flurry of activity.

“Right now, we’re looking at about 750,000 packages a day between Thanksgiving and New Years,” said Rod Spurgeon of the USPS.

Spurgeon says that at the 500,000 square foot facility, mail is sorted and shipped across the state. 1,100 employees, including 400 seasonal workers, keep things running smoothly, but new technology helps too.

“We spend the whole year equipping machines across the country,” Spurgeon said. “112 packaging machines have been installed across the country, including here.

This machine can process 6,000 packages per hour, helping get letters, cards and gifts where they need to be.

Meanwhile, USPS officials say that in order to avoid delays, people should always verify the address, including the zip code, before an item ships.

USPS Holiday Shipping Times

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