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“My goal is to really understand how Congress could help a district manager and right now I want to know what he can do,” Spanberger said. “At the time of delivery, what concrete steps are they taking in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, to speed up the delivery time? “

Spanberger had not received a response from Roane on Friday, but said she expected a response within the next week.

Spanberger said that while it is tackling the problem locally, its goal is to take a broader look at the mail delivery problem, starting with efforts made earlier this year.

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In March, more than 3,700 participants completed an online survey from Spanberger’s office on delays in postal services and the services of its constituents. On Friday morning, Spanberger’s office said it would relaunch the survey to collect even more data.

“My goal here is to be productive and proactive,” said Spanberger.

Sporadic mail delivery service has been a problem in the Fredericksburg area for over a year.

As of August 2020, the Falmouth Post Office in Stafford County was understaffed and was not delivering mail on a timely basis. At that time, postal officials said many of its material handlers and delivery drivers were either on paid leave or recovering at home after COVID-19.

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