U.S. Postal Service braces for holiday rush

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – The busiest time of the year is starting to pick up for the United States Postal Service, and peak season means additional mail and increased parcel volumes.

Randi Jones is the customer service supervisor, she said last year USPS had at least about 7 million packages delivered nationwide last holiday season.

“So we’re really ramping up the horsepower, we’ve built new tenders to respond to that,” Jones said. “We have new sorting machines across the country. It is a whole national plan that we have put in place.

USPS Vassar Reno mail carrier location preparing to deliver mail(KOLO)

Packages are already starting to fill the bins and preparation for delivery begins early in the morning with clerks sorting mail for carriers and their appropriate routes before they walk through the door.

“Once they get through the gate it takes them about an hour to set up their routes, have the appropriate mail for that day and that implies that they put it on the truck as well, that takes about 2 hours out of their day, ”Jones added.

Then the letter carriers set off to deliver the mail, which takes up to five hours or more of their time. And with busy days ahead, Jones says there are a few things you can do to make sure your mail arrives on time.

“Sending it in priority is huge, so you can track it online, make sure your packages are addressed correctly, don’t guess. You can also go to our website, there is a postcode wizard there, it also helps to validate if the address you have there is correct.

Jones also wants to remind the community to be patient as the USPS processes mail and packages during one of the busiest and most difficult times of the year.

“We expect it to be a little busier, we just want to get ready,” Jones said. “We want to put in place an effective action plan, so at the moment I can’t give you an idea of ​​how many packages we are seeing, but it will be a big problem. ”

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